One year of interaction!

In january 2013 we launched 'PresentersWall' - a new online tool to make your presentations more interactive. We never expected it to become as successful as it did. It has become one of the easiest tools to gather information from your audience. In addition, many clients like it for its user-friendliness and design. After one year of interactivity I am looking back. How did our tool become such a success?


PresentersWall, a very exciting start

I remember the first night I was on stage with our tool. It was at an entrepreneurship meeting with 50 students of entrepreneurship. We had just (literally, that morning) launched our first beta-version. It turned out great. The audience loved it and started to give us feedback (via the tool). They complimented us on the live results display and the fact that you don’t have to download or install anything. Furthermore, they started naming clients that might be interested in this product. A flying start!


Great piece of teamwork

One of the main success factors of PresentersWall is the team that is behind it. The team is a combination of great developers and great communicators. LiveWall has been known for their fantastic development skills combined with one of the best salesteams I have ever seen. The team of Presensatie is best known for their knowledge on (interactive) presentations and events. Together, they form a strong team that has intensified and interactified many events over the past couple of years.PresentersWall English


One of the most beautiful cases of this year might have been the one of the Belastingdienst (the Dutch IRS). 12 events were interactified with PresentersWall, while LiveWall was shown at the information market. The presentation coaches of Presensatie trained the speakers and hosts for the day, so that they knew how to activate the audience.


Trends for events 2014

Many event-trends have been spotted for 2014. But in almost every blog, interactivity with the audience was named.


And that’s logical! It is time to turn the world of presentations upside down. It isn’t (only) about the story of the speaker. It shouldn’t be a passive happening with an audience sucking in information. It should be vivid, active and relevant for the audience. And that’s exactly what PresentersWall can bring.