Standard tool or concepts tailor made?

LiveWall has developed several innovative tools which are ready to use immediately. However, you could also challenge our creative team to invent an entire new concept. A new idea, specifically appropriate to the issues of your brand or organization, often comes when having of a cup of coffee (or maybe two).


LiveWall on screen

Display social media on screens during events, conferences or meetings. Diversify these with videos, live camera images, ads etc. Engage in interaction with your audience.


Meaningful brand experience with LiveWall TV

LiveWall develops innovative concepts and apps to optimise interaction, social media use and the deployment of branded content around TV programs.


Interaction with PresentersWall

PresentersWall is all about the opinion of the crowd. Let your audience vote, grade or send messages by using (for example) their own smartphone!


Spotify app: Personal jukebox

The SpotifyBox turns your computer into a jukebox that lets the audience choose the music they’d like to hear by using their smartphone.



Interactive shopping experience. Let your customers swipe trough the collection by using their mobile phone or Kinect technology, whereby the customer can immediately place orders in the web shop, all within the surroundings of the shop.


Up-to-date with LiveWall dashboard

Statistics and data from channels including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare, Flickr and Google+ are visible. A real-time progress forecast gives a clear and bright image.