ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament

Tennis Quiz Time 2018

Interactive stadium game

For the 45th edition of the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament, Ahoy wanted to do something special. So they asked us to come up with (more) digital activations to increase the fan engagement in and around the venue. To do so we developed a (online) voting tool, social dashboard and a social media wall, which contributed to a sportive digital experience between and during headline matches.

ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament
Between 12 and 18 February of 2018 the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament celebrated its 45th anniversary in Ahoy Rotterdam, the Netherlands. AAWTT is part of the ATP-calendar and is ranked in the category ATP 500 series. This makes the AAWTT the biggest, and most popular, tennis tournament in the Netherlands.

AAWTT '18 goes viral
In 2017 ‘Tennis Quiz Time’ (TQT) was introduced for the first time at the AAWTT. TQT is a interaction quiz tool, that we can use to present multiple choice questions on videowalls. Via a mobile URL, using a mobile phone, fans can easily participate in this quiz. With over 10.000 attendants per game, the engagement with TQT was overwhelming. So for the 45th edition of AAWTT, Ahoy wanted to bring the fans ‘something special’. A few new functions were added to TQT. LiveWall also developed a social wall (displaying socials above the centre court) and a social dashboard (displaying socials, newsfeeds, and tournament information in the lobbies of the venue).

Tennis Quiz Time
A call to action video was made to announce TQT at the centre court games. To create better interactive experiences, photo- and video questions were also added to the tool. Finally, the look and feel of TQT ’18 was totally revamped, so it matched with all other communications of AAWTT ’18.

Social Wall
 For the ‘cube’ (screen above the centre court), LiveWall developed a social wall. With the social wall LiveWall displayed (public) social media photo’s, shared with the hash tag #AAWTT18, to a larger audience. This led to more E-WOM and unique (mobile) interactions during the whole event.

Social Dashboard
In the lobby of the venue (main entrance) a huge social dashboard was installed. Besides social posts, this dashboard also showed live RSS feeds of AAWTT and sponsors, and tournament information.

For the 3rd time in the history of AAWTT, Roger Federer went home with the win. The Roger Federer effect was immediately noticeable, because after announcing his participation there was a huge run on tickets. This has helped ensure that (again) thousands of attendees participated in TQT.

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