Saint Nicholas

Display campaign

LiveWall developed a new Saint Nicholas display campaign for By using this, you'll easily find the perfect gift for your family and friends.
Online store is the largest online store of the Netherlands. There is a variety of a whopping 9 million items in the field of books, lifestyle, entertainment and more.
In the month of December, has their absolute peak of sales. But Saint Nicholas still has trouble finding the right presents. Therefore, likes to help Sait Nicholas out. The interactive Saint Nicholas banners that LiveWall made, are the perfect solution to this problem.

Inside the interactive display banners there are directly suitable gifts suggested from the large asortment, based on a previously entered selection. The banners are visible on Dutch leading websites like and
Type of banners 
The banners have 2 spinners; 1 spinner is for the gender (man, woman, boy, girl) and 1 spinner is for the age (by the selection of boy/girl) and budget (by the selection of man/woman). In the banners the Saint direclty gets a number of gift ideas presented that immediately could be checked and ordered at the website. That way, Saint Nicholas has de most perfect gifts right away. 

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