Christmas campaign

'Thank your personal hero'

Christmas is a time of being together with family & friends, be thankful and reflect on the past year. Therefore LiveWall collaborated with Chase, an experiential marketing agency from Amsterdam, to create an interactive campaign for Coca-Cola. Where brand fans get the chance to say thanks to their personal Christmas hero in a very original way.

About Chase and Coca-Cola
Chase creates engagement between brands and consumers. Coca-Cola is a brand that is strongly connected to Christmas. The famous Coca-Cola truck is a strong marketing tool during wintertime. It is highly recognizable by most people who are aware of the Coca-Cola brand.

LiveWall creates a special website: enables people to type a personal message, share their personal details and request a personal video. Where they will receive an email with their personal video after a rendering time of a few minutes.

Personal video
This way the fans get a chance to say thanks to their personal hero by sending a personal message. The hero receives an email with a customized video. You’ll see a Coca-Cola truck driving by, carrying your personal message on it.

Offline brand activation
During wintertime, the official Coca-Cola truck is touring through the Netherlands, passing by all the major cities. The truck has a large trailer with the biggest moving LED-screen in Europe. The screen show up on the side of the truck, showing all the personal messages from the fans in the city it is located at that moment.

With life-sized Coca-Cola bottles with tablets in them, people are being given the option to send in their personal message. Of course always being moderated by Coca-Cola employees to be sure there are no bad words on the big screen.

During the winter campaign of 2017 LiveWall collected around 30.000 personal messages.

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