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Meerdijk chat

Kom met jouw favoriete personage in contact

In cooperation with RTL LiveWall developed the GTST Meerdijk website and app. As icing on the cake, a chat feature was added. In GTST Meerdijk app you can chat with your favorite character and each other.

GTST is a Dutch soap opera that is being broadcast every day since 1990 on RTL 4. This soap opera takes place in the fictional town of Meerdijk. Every day, the viewer can feast of various intrigues and dramatic events. The Meerdijk-app runs parallel to the series on TV: new actors and actresses will be announced and you will be the first to be informed of the new storyline. The app is continuously provided with exciting new content.

Meerdijk Chat
The Meerdijk chat room was created within the Meerdijk-app. This allows users to talk to each other and with the actors. Users of the app receive notifications with a call-to-action, a good way to guide users to the website and app. In the chat room, LiveWall uses a callout feature: parts of the conversation between app users and actors are featured.

Facts and figures
In the first hour the app was live, more than 7,500 messages were posted. After a week 116,000 messages. The biggest challenge was that these messages go into one chat room. There is interaction between 10,000 app users and one actress. A feature that required a lot of back-end and why the callout feature is so important.

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