Destination Match

Campaign and video

Imagine you want to travel but you don't know where to. With that in mind, LiveWall designed the Destination Match campaign for KLM. With the use of Destination Match you'll find out what your perfect destination is.

Campaign concept
De Destination Match campaign is a campaign concept that has been implemented worldwide by KLM.
When the feature starts, the user gets 8 questions that will give insight in the personal travel preferences. Think of questions like: 'Would you rather go to a party or get in touch with nature?' and 'Would you rather go fine dining or eat at the beach?'. The questions are accompanied by photo's and the user needs to choose between two.

Matching destination
At the end of the flow the user will see the destination that is most suited. Not only does the user get the best matching destination, they will also get 3 other highly recommended destinations. Also, the user will get the opportunity to share the results from the Destination Match through social media.

The Destination Match campaigns could be used worldwide by KLM and can be managed via the Campaign Designer tool that LiveWall has developed.

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