Dream Deals

Campaign concept

Commissioned by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and in close collaboration with the KLM Campaign Team, LiveWall created a totally new concept for a huge cross channel, mobile first sales campaign - with a few big challenges to overcome..!

‘Catch your Dream Deal!’

The campaign message with a strong call-to-action, ‘Not to miss out on your Dream Offer’, had to appeal to a huge diversity of customers in more than 50 markets. Thanks to a strong visually attractive concept and availability in 20 languages, it aimed at passing many borders! Making it clear in a split second what the campaign is about, it ended up being a great success.

Appealing photography

On the visually attractive landing page we integrated different feeds to personalize the content and offer the visitor a real time experience. Besides the attractive photos for the landing page, all kinds of materials were produced: different newsletters, video, display, OOH materials. Going live with all these materials in many markets at the same time and with all channels integrated, timing and accuracy were key.


Campaign Designer tool

To make things easier, we designed a new & optimized input tool which is accessible for all markets and suppliers. This tool includes different business rules and different market scenarios (legal wise). Different feeds were integrated both in the input tool (fare feed) as on the landing page. Ensuring a perfect, logical and pragmatic experience for everyone.

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